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52 weeks wednesday

October 13, 2010

yup, it’s that time again, another week has flown by and another week of chris is in order.

this week was a bit stressful, chris was busy getting the art show ready at work and doing his job at the same time. also, i think everything we own had a pow wow and  decided to break down all in the same week.

BUT we did have a nice little drive to the country to drop off some photos to a client, and we decided to pull over and enjoy the scenery for a bit of relaxation/chris & tina time. that’s where this weeks photo comes in. I just happened to have my sx70 with me and the sun was setting which = perfect photo opportunity in my book.

also, this might be the last photo with the mohawk, he’s thinking about chopping it off (gasp!). probably because it’s too much maintenance, he’s just not the metro kinda guy…thank god.

oh! and he has a little surprise to share, but that will have to wait just a weeee bit longer. ;)

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