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vacation recap; 4th of July

July 19, 2011

we spent the afternoon at Chris’ aunt & uncles house, they had a cookout feast with delicious food and great weather. after dinner, we were reminiscing and one thing led to another, and we ended up looking through the cedar chest full of Magee family history. if you know me well, you know i love this kind of thing. especially if it’s people i love.

we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at adorable pictures of Rhonda (chris’s mom) as a wee one, and good lord she was CUTE. and so was her sister. and her mom (Bertha). we’ve got some good genes in this family. it was such a great way to spend the holiday with family.

(Rhonda’s baby book; a photo of each birthday 1st – 7th, such a cute idea)

(Bertha looking at a baby book)

(Rhonda showing me the dresses she wore as a baby)

(Bertha; check out those chubby cheeks!)

(Rhonda & her sister; love that cool Motel sign!)

(Chris & his little brother Patrick; Patrick is the one hugging the fake deer.) :)

(Rhonda; this one cracks me up, with her tongue hanging out)


(Dale & Bertha; chris’s adorable grandparents)

(Dale, Bertha and baby Rhonda; i love how you can see the back of them in the mirror, with his arm around her.)

(Rhonda; check out all that hair! what a cutie!)

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  1. Rhonda permalink
    July 20, 2011 2:04 am

    those turned out great! You can even make pictures of pictures
    look great!
    we’ll have to get some of these originals into frames…
    I’m so glad you had fun looking through all those things. I had fun too, and I know Bertha did.

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