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polaroids i took in CO

January 6, 2012

thanks to chris, my parents and chris’ parents, i now have a good stack of polaroid film. i took a few polaroids in colorado when i didn’t feel like lugging the big 20D with the huge lens. i took most of these with my SX70 polaroid camera and one with the 100 land camera. enjoy!

these first few are from Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City, where we met our good friends for lunch and a walk around town.

this first one i took of Ezra, the sun was shinning in my face, which is why it looks so orange-y…but i kinda liked it.

Ezra at the Manitou Springs arcade center, he closed his eyes as soon as the ride started (something he does when he’s scared or not sure.) but then after a few seconds he was smiling and enjoying the ride. it was pretty cute.

we stopped in this place for some yummy ice cream

the sun setting in chris’ parents backyard. i almost grabbed the digital camera and decided this one would be more fun. turns out it was. :)

for New Years Eve we had a hat making party…this is my hat

Chris’ mom’s awesome hat

on New Years Day chris’ parents took us to one of their/our favorite indian restaurants…we stuffed ourselves good.

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  1. Ellan Granthem permalink
    January 7, 2012 12:55 am

    Great highlights from your trip!! Wonderful pics of Colorado and love the vintage appeal of the polaroids :)

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